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You were the focus of this product build. Let us know if there is anything you'd like added that we might have missed. We'll continue to improve the system through feedback and our own QA.

The following stories showcase what we mean.

Testimony; 1

“I was planning to go to my favorite art store in San Francisco to pick up art supplies for my next piece.  I’d forgotten what time they opened so I went online to check. I didn't find the SF location on the company's website; I saw all the other locations but not my usual haunt.  I thought this strange, since I had been there just a month before.  Feeling suspicious, I checked the web for their hours and found out they had closed two weeks before.  I was upset since I was on their mailing list and they hadn’t offer a breath of news about the closing of their San Francisco branch.  Then I found out during the web search that the closure had been months in the making.  This information took me from being merely upset to royally ticked off.  Owing to this company’s calculated (or clueless) lack of communication with its customers, I now shop exclusively at their competitor’s store...!” —Name withheld

Testimony: 2

“I’m an outreach worker for a non-profit. I go out to my community to look for agencies, other non-profits and local business that allow me to do outreach for our veterans programs. About 90% of the time I use the Internet to find locations and addresses I want to visit. Much of the time the Internet information is correct regarding locations, but there have been times when I’ve been gravely disappointed.

“One day I was doing outreach in the [distant] Los Gatos area. I looked up community centers on the Internet for Los Gatos and found one I especially wanted to visit. When I got to the address listed on the Internet, there was no community center, there was just a private residence; and there was no update regarding the move or termination of the community center. I was upset because it was a complete waste of time and money to drive to Los Gatos. In some cases, there is a contact number to call to see if there is a new location or information, but this time there was no phone number to follow up on the address and information given. As an outreach worker, it would have been far less frustrating had there been updated information on the ‘Net to access.” — Outreach worker DB

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